Tuesday, August 5, 2014

White Blaze Withdrawal, Caring, I Wouldn't Miss It

1. Chelsea didn't have the time to ease off the trail; she left it cold turkey. So, when she suggested a day hike to McAffee's Knob I said okay. She said it was 1.) an easy hike, 2.) three miles in, and 3.) the trail was like a highway. She would even carry Mari on her back. She breezed it. I huffed it. It was such a hot day, too! It took us seven hours to cover the seven mile round trip. What an appreciation I gained for thru hikers. I will never ever even consider hiking the Appalachian Trail.
1a. Mari was so easy to hike with. She pirouetted down the trail when we let her down to walk. She picked flowers and grasses, and was curious about all the wildlife.
1b. Chelsea showed us the Sassafras that was growing everywhere. She pulled up a little piece and scratched the root. It smelled just like root beer.
2. When we were almost near the end and those last grueling steps down were killing my knees she said, in a voice filled with concern, "I hope I didn't break you, Mom." (She knew I had a date tonight.)
3. Steve and I went to see Pat Metheny and the Unity Group. Thirty years ago Steve had Pat Metheny tickets and reluctantly sold them because he had a thermodynamics test. The poor guy waited all these years for another opportunity to see Pat Metheny in concert. It was worth the wait.

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  1. I wonder what Chelsea will do next? I loved reading her blog - it's been the best summer reading.

    So glad you all had this adventure hike - sounds hard. And then you had a date. :)

    My niece Rebecca was visiting once and we decided to climb nearby Stone Mountain and have a picnic at the top. Same thing - I found it hard and she breezed through it.