Friday, August 1, 2014

Us, Thinking Ahead, Gray is Good (for me)

1. To temper: take the edge off, make reasonable, chill out, modulate, mollify, tone down...It's what he does for me. Our marriage is where something imperfect becomes perfection in a never-ending cycle...thirty-three years today and counting. Thanks be to God.
2. Tess and I toured the Roanoke College campus under umbrellas this morning, in a rain that never let up. Every building had it's own good scent which was accentuated by the dampness. The gym smelled like wood polish, the fine arts building like ink and paper, and the older buildings like age itself.
3. I really like rainy days. They soothe and calm my spirit.


  1. Happy (belated) anniversary to you both! It was great to see you together in this photo and I think that Steve has the right way to happy, and maybe play the song too?
    Our anniversary is also this month although we will have less years to celebrate at #15 and it is all good too.

  2. Love that photo of you two. And I love rainy days, too.

  3. Happy Anniversary! That's special. May you celebrate many more.

  4. Happy anniversary~ blessings to you both