Sunday, August 3, 2014

Home for a Day, Four Paths, Peace

1. The weary travelers pulled into the driveway at 9:00 this morning. They drove through the night from Maine to Virginia and wanted only the simplest things: showers, rest, and food. I can provide that!
2. As the day wore on and everyone's energy levels were revived, we migrated outside to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful weather. They aired their tents and we listened to each other stories of all that's been going on with new homes, new jobs, and adventures. Each sister highly values what the other is doing.
3. My all-time, favorite summer activity, which I look forward to the most, is spending an evening on the porch visiting with our family. It's dark outside the screen and the crickets and cicadas sing into the night. Candle lights flicker on the table making it feel like we're enclosed in our own little capsule of peace. I am thankful for this brief moment when time stands still.


  1. That's a lovely thought - time standing still. I can just see it.

  2. Your porch sounds just about perfect~