Monday, August 18, 2014

Peace, Anything Interesting?, Just Go With It, Name That Sound

1. The porch has become my morning haven. It's still night time when I wake up. so it's just the dark, the crickets, and me.
2. He pulls down the attic ladder and climbs up into oblivion. I know there's nothing up there but rafters and insulation, but there's something about attic ladders that promise an adventure. I climb up too, but only so far as my head appears above the opening so I can have a curious look around.
3. If anything is to be done outdoors today, it will have to be in the pouring rain. Henri can't be put off any longer, so we go for a stroll in the rain. I honestly like it.
4. Last night, before the rain, the three of us sat on the porch having a quiet chat. Far away, a motor could be heard and Steve leaned out to listen hard, thinking he was hearing the kiln at the cement plant several miles away. Tess claimed it was a lawn mower over the next hill. We all bent our heads trying to identify the sound when suddenly we heard a loud, far away clank. "Ah-ha!" We sat up straight and smiled knowingly. "It is lawnmower and it's just hit a rock."

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  1. I have the same quiet experience when I visit my sister's mountain house - it's so quiet there that I hear things like that. Where I live in the 'burbs of Atlanta, there's a cacophony of sound all the time.