Friday, August 15, 2014

Our Garden Overfloweth, Winter's Just Around the Corner, Remembering

1. A basket of Lemon Cucumbers on the office counter at school made a great conversation piece. The preschool teacher asked her class to guess what it was before they peeled and sliced it to eat.
*On an interesting note, Daughter #4 appears to be allergic to these. We knew she was allergic to raw pumpkin (cooked is no problem), and I thought there must be a link. Sure enough, I found that cucumbers are in the same family of  Cucurbitaceae. More information on these food allergies HERE.
2. Misty August mornings portend a snowy winter. For now, they give us an eerie atmosphere in which to start our day.
3. While writing permission slips for some girlfriends to ride the bus home together, I was reminded of those days in my own elementary school years and the excitement of riding the bus home with school friends. It meant playing some place different and exciting. We played imaginative, outdoor things like ice skating, hikes in the woods or games of tag. Indoors meant creative play like drawing, board games, or building puppets or dioramas for school. We had no electronics and what an fun time we had because of it. Oh, did I ever nod off with daydreaming! It's a wonder I got any work done at my desk today.

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