Monday, August 4, 2014

Mari Visits

1. Mom, Dad and little brother have gone home and left Mari to stay for a visit. She is a sweet, imaginative little girl who is easily content. I have no pool or big activities scheduled as the visit was not planned. But no matter. She's happy to play in a dish pan of water : ) She doesn't want TV, electronics or computer. She's much happier with songs, stories, Polly Pockets and her aunts.

2. Before her mom left her with us, she said not to spoil her. She immediately realized the nonsense of saying it and said, "Never mind."
3. The Bocci balls were too heavy for her to throw, so we let her throw the little white ball (the Pallino) at the start of each game. She lost interest when she spotted a field full of Queen Anne's lace and I told her she could pick them.


  1. Mari and her aunts having fun. :) So cute - spoil away!

  2. you can never spoil grandchildren enough!