Wednesday, August 27, 2014

He's Really Very Nice, Roadside, Peaches and More Peaches

1. According to my little kindergarten friend, our gym teacher's name is Mr. Bullier. Her mom corrected her and told her it's Mr. Bowyer, but little friend knows what she heard and still insists it's Bullier.
2. My prize from our walk tonight was a bunch of bright orange Bittersweet. It's really too early in the season for the hulls to be opening on the berries, but this vine had been cut by a mower, hence its premature ripening and a prize for me!.
3. Neighbor W. was making a peach (and plants) run to Saunders Brothers and asked if we wanted any peaches. I felt daring and told him to bring us a half bushel. Surely they won't go to waste when there are possibilities like peach jam and freezer space...and sharing.


  1. peaches are ready in our area as well. perhaps your enthusiasm is contagious and i'll make some jam as well

  2. It's like making hay while the sun shines, right?