Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Get Your Own Coffee Please, Sweet Pea, Gathering 'Round (and Up and Down)

1. His alarm was set for an early flight. It woke us both, but unlike him, I stayed put and blissfully fell back to sleep.
2. Mari takes a much better interest in her food when it has names like, "Princess Sandwich" and "Circus Yogurt". It's also amazing what a few rainbow sprinkles can accomplish.
2a. I check on her before I go to bed. I remember kneeling by our own sleeping little girls with overwhelming love. Love that easily turns into prayers for all good things...
3. It's Chelsea's last night at home. Tess, Audrey and Jared were here for dinner along with one of Chelsea's high school friends. We talked well into the night and they all made me laugh with their stories.
3a. It's been a week full of emotional highs and even some lows. I pause to catch my breath every now and then and find great comfort knowing that God is always near to help me get my bearings.
4. The hysterically funny moment when we realize Audrey's fantastic new hair dye matches Loverboy's Palomino coat.

We were all doubled over with laughter at this point.

It was a complete coincidence that their hair matched...or was it?

Always making me laugh.


  1. Love the pictures, and 2a is beautiful. Yes, prayers of Thanksgiving should be said often in parenting little ones.

  2. what a beautiful photograph of a lovely moment in time

  3. What a great family, I
    Love the horse and Audrey

  4. You have a wonderful family.