Friday, July 4, 2014

North Wind, Virburnum and Gardenia, Celebrating the Fourth

1. A cool north wind blew in overnight, chasing away every drop of heat and humidity. It is glorious!
2. Gardening is sometimes about ripping out what doesn't work and starting over, painful as that may be. The scruffy Hemlocks are out (I got to drive the truck and yank them : ) and Steve worked very hard, breaking sod where the new Virburnum will create a hedge. We chose a variety called, "Nantucket". These semi-evergreen shrubs will grow twelve feet tall and seven feet wide.

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2a. Five frost hardy Gardenias are set to plant under the living room windows. Imagine the fragrance of gardenias in the house! Their bloom time is listed as late spring into fall.

3. It is the Fourth of July after all, and even though we had nothing special planned, the day turned celebratory when Audrey and Jared came with Bella-the-granddog for a spontaneous visit. We cooked a summer dinner that included our first harvest of string beans from the garden, sat on the porch sipping things, and ended the day with a competitive game of Bocce Ball. Tess and Ian drove into town for fireworks and after everyone left, Steve and I agreed, with a sigh, that it was a good day.


  1. Our day was also low-key and celebratory and involved helping out at the local library's annual Firecracker book sale, whike ribs cooked in the crockpot and dear friends came over to share a meal and several spirited games of dominoes as patriotic music played through the stereo. Thankful to remember the reason for the holiday and also that we and orhers were spared from the hurricane's fury.

  2. I'm missing having gardens this year so seeing and hearing about your gardens are filling the hole...thank you

  3. Sounds like a lovely day to me!