Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Hate This Blouse, Sis, They Tolerate Me

1. It feels good to thin out my closet and admit to myself that I will never wear certain items. I pull them out to be rid of them.
2. There's a special connection that siblings have. We grew up in the same household and share the same crazy memories. Now my sister and I share our elderly mother. : ) I enjoyed my sister's phone call today. We always manage to find something to laugh about.
3. Three of us were watching a movie. Tess got up to use the restroom, leaving me and her boyfriend behind during a love scene. *Ahem* Rather awkward, I say.

Me: (yelling from my chair as she returned up the hallway) "Tess! You left me alone with Ian to watch Dirty Dancing!!"
Tess: "Sorry! Was it one of 'those' scenes?"
Me: (still yelling while Ian grins) "Yes!"
Tess: "What did you do?"
Me: "We ignored it like it wasn't there."


  1. I am reminded of my mom and dad and I watching a movie - Terms of Endearment. There was a scene early on in which my dad stood up and said, "Uh - I think I'll go to bed now." :)

  2. Clearing closets is an ongoing process with me.