Saturday, July 19, 2014

Causes and Solutions for My Bad Attitude

1. I faced the inevitable; the cause of my recent bad attitude, and attended my court "suggested" D.I.P. class today. (My perfect driving record was shattered in June when I got a ticket for going through a yellow light that turned red after I was under it.) D.I.P. stands for "Driver Improvement Program". Sixty other people were in the class and it turned out to be eight hours of very interesting information and statistics with a few sad videos mingled in. I learned some things I that I didn't know.
2. We were given a one-hour lunch break. I used this time in the battle against my bad attitude and I went to Bruster's for a white turtle ice cream cone. It was pretty good consolation.
3. It was a good feeling to be back home at 5:30, knowing that I fulfilled my requirement and could put that all behind me. Now I'm paranoid every time a traffic light turns yellow for me. So, if you see a middle aged lady slam on her breaks at every yellow light, stay back.


  1. good to have it over and done with!

  2. Not many people would be happy going through such a course, Lee, so your attitude is understandable, but you completed it and that is what matters. And the new caution in driving is nit a bad thing.

  3. I like that you got the ice cream at lunch. :)

  4. I went through one of those courses way back in the early 1990s when I had a car wreck. No one in the room took it seriously, if I recall, including the instructor giving the course. That was before texting and cellphones. I bet now that it includes that.