Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Pool Party!

1. The little boy's floaty keeps turning him on his back. He's safe, but he can't right himself, so he floats on his back with a worried look in his eyes. I help him with a smile and talk like it's all fun and games. Later, when he's flipped the wrong way again, he still looks helpless...with a smile.
2. Everyone's brought their own picnic dinner in coolers and baskets. Many have brought extras to share, just in case. The littlest children accept grapes or cookies as they wander by.
3. It's so hot outside and the pool water is cool and refreshing. We bob around, keeping neck deep in the water while we chat.
4. The thirty and forty-somethings have a cannon ball competition. Cheers rise up from the spectators with a few "Oh's" and "Ow's" for bad form.

1 comment:

  1. always good to have a pool party! glad you're keeping cool in the heat