Friday, July 25, 2014

A Hammer for Jack, Pacing Like a Caged Lion, For the Gaps

1. I take out Jack's incomplete Christmas stocking and study how I might rework it. When I started it last year he was a baby and his personality was still a mystery. Now that he is a boy and we see what he is all about, I know what to applique on the stocking.
1a. Hand sewing on the porch, under the lamplight. Dusk turns to dark and the birds quiet down for a summer's night. I am fully aware that I am thinking about Christmas on a July night.
2. Daughter #3 met us for dinner. I was glad because the girls are scattered all over the place lately and it leaves me unsettled. This empty nest thing does not fare well with me.
2a. Daughter #1 called and we talked make-up. I asked her advice and she had so much to tell that it started me laughing. My nest may be empty, but my heart is full.
3. Books wait for me at the library. I think of reading as the chinks between the rocks in a rock wall. Time-wise, my days consist of a couple of larger obligations chinked with reading. Those empty spaces need to be filled with something strong yet restful.

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  1. My younger sister feels a void, too, with both girls gone from the nest. She told me she is lonely - so sad. I think her heart might be full, too, though - there is a wonderful grandson and another coming soon.