Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Celebration, Expecting, Settling Down

1. This amazing cake was baked by our friend and hostess of the party. It made a great centerpiece dessert on a table loaded with other confections for a Fourth of July celebration. Her cakes always taste good, too . This was a cherry nut cake. (The fries were cut from pound cake)
2. Handshakes, cigars, and baby talk abounded when a young couple at the party announced they are expecting their first baby. The men all gathered around the dad-to-be and ushered him to the fire pit to smoke. The ladies surrounded the young mom-to-be in the shade and talked of babies and children. The parting of men and women this way seemed as old as time itself.
3. The day closes with quiet conversation around a fire.


  1. the cake is amazing! what a very talented friend you have!

  2. The cake and celebration looked and sounded like a fine way to spend a holiday gathering.

  3. How did she get pound cake to have that crinkle look???

    And I love the description of the reaction to the baby announcement. Lovely.