Thursday, June 26, 2014

Needs A Home, Retreat, Hungry?

1. One of W.'s clients ordered four hundred begonias to be planted in his gardens. Can you imagine?! W. gave me nine that were left over. They're brilliant. I have no idea where to plant them, but they're so pretty that I just have to use them.
2. You would think sitting on the porch mornings and evenings would get redundant, but it doesn't. Every day is different, each with its own thoughts. That's why the porch will always be welcome to me. I can think things through out there.
3. Tess' friend, Ian had dinner with us. I was overjoyed because he helped us raid the refrigerator of all the leftovers: hamburgers, hot dogs, potato pies, spinach fettucini alfredo, plus some cherry tomatoes from the garden. We made a good meal of it and now I can clean the fridge : )

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  1. I couldn't find suitable Dragon Wing Begonias this year - there were a couple at the garden center near my office, but they were already leggy. So I planted the regular variety - pretty, too.