Sunday, June 8, 2014

Moving Day! Raleigh's Old Homes, There You Are!

1. Summer begins at a frenetic pace. This weekend we helped Daughter #1 and her family just a little bit. They're moving into a bigger house to accommodate their growing family.
1a. Mari's sweet smile when she opened her cupcake with sprinkles on top.
1b. On the second day, Jack made me understand that he wanted to me to walk with him. It was the first time that he initiated an interaction between us. Note to self: I need to see the grandchildren more often!

2. The route from the old house to the new house took us straight through the city of Raleigh a couple of times. I enjoyed this route much better than the highway route. It's a nice city and I especially liked the older neighborhoods we drove through.
3. Finding Henri after he ran off and I thought him lost forever. (I still had a bad dream tonight that he was lost.)


  1. So glad you found Henri!

    There's nothing like grandchildren, I think, and the lovely things that happen with them.

  2. Happy smiles for a new home~ The upgrade makes sense and the house looks lovely