Monday, June 23, 2014

Everything From Tropical to Practical, How Many Do I Need?, The Perspective from the Porch

1. Tess and I had fun browsing the garden shop at Southern States. Our conversation was mainly, "Oh, look at this!". They still have a lot of plant varieties for this late in the season.
1a. My vision has been to plant a small fruit orchard on the hill. Deer or no deer, I think I'll do it.
2. Neighbors K. and W. phoned to check my order for their nursery run to North Carolina. I'm super excited to wrap up two projects for the garden. Hint: One involves Gardenias and the other, Viburnums. Can't wait!
3. Friends R. and L. came by to visit with us on the porch this evening. We discussed both the serious and the silly, which offers a good balance on life in general.
4. Three-year-old Mari looked at Steve's teen photo and asked her mom, "Is that Pop when he was a little girl?"

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