Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Early Riser, Horridly Great, Harold and the Purple Cauliflower

1. When I opened the porch door right about 5:00AM, a Whippoorwill was singing his solitary song. I was surprised by how loud and strong he sang. It sounded exactly as in this recording.
2. OK, I watched a very depressing movie, but I'm still floored by the outstanding acting in, August: Osage County. It's difficult to take a movie portraying a highly dysfunctional family (and I do not use that word lightly with this film) and say you "enjoyed" it. All of it's ugliness and ruin became very real through these actors.
3. Neighbor W. met me halfway across the field with a bag of fresh vegetables from the farm stand. Along with a cabbage, broccoli, and squash, there was a purple cauliflower in there. It's so pretty and such a deep purple that Tess jokingly suggested that it might turn our tongues purple when we eat it. Purple comes in many shades and this is the shade of Harold and the Purple Crayon. Hmm, now to search for recipe ideas...

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  1. It's a mockingbird that entertains me early in the morning. Ain't life grand?

  2. What a nice neighbor! And that purple cauliflower deserves special cooking treatment. :)