Monday, June 2, 2014

Do Wild Strawberries Even Grow Anymore?, Just Passing Through, Meadowlark

1. It's June first and the feel of the sun reminds me of wild strawberries, ripening in a field. It reminds me of children who have nothing but free time stretching endlessly before them. They crawl on hands and knees, parting grass and leaves to hunt the pea-sized gems. The warm sun lets off the scent of sweet berries and the children search with noses as well as eyes. Only when every ripe berry is hunted do they run home, excited to show mother their containers of found treasure.
2. We have a picture window in the kitchen where I can look out into the yard while I cook. Today, a young bear filled the view, right off the patio! We've had multiple bear visits over the years and this is the third one that's arrived during the lunch hour. I wonder if our property occupies some ancient migratory path for the bears. Each one I've seen passing through was going east to west.
3. A meadowlark sings a solitary song out the open window while I prepare dinner. I can't help but think how lonely and barren the winter was compared to this feast of song to our ears and green to our eyes in summer. Listen to his song HERE.


  1. That's so interesting that the bears take the same path. And I love hearing birds sing. I was outside just now in the 5am hour watering my potted plants and they are in full voice right now.

  2. Our 2 little strawberry patches have been providing us with lots of fresh berries for morning breakfast treats. I have never picked any in a field, but am out every other day picking those in our yard.