Thursday, June 19, 2014

Coming Home, Being Away, What I Spent All My Money On

1. Getting back in the Virginia groove. Southern accents, Kroger, the dentist, and a drive to Daughter #3's in Vinton. That should do it.
2. It takes an army of friends, neighbors and the post office to enable us to get away. Thanks to K. for watering, B. for dog-sitting, and the USPS for holding all our junk mail.
3. Bagels, bagels, and more bagels. Bagels for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bagels to daughter, neighbor and friend. Bagels in the freezer. : )

*This trip left me a little more melancholy than usual, but I still have wonderful, beautiful things to remember. I bit of an explanation over HERE


  1. Lee, thanks for the link to your other blogsite, which I visited and commented on the current post. We are in similar straits with moms the same age, refusing go leave their own homes which are difficult for them to manage, and finding it difficult to return home ourselves.

  2. I read your other post. It is tough when older folks refuse to accept the realities of their situations. I am sorry you're having to deal with this. Being so far away must make it that much harder.