Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Full House, Mother and Child, More Goodbyes

1. There's no point in taking the camera back home anymore. I can't capture what I feel compelled to capture. It's ghosts and memories and they won't be held to film, digital or otherwise. They prefer to knock around in my head and in my heart.
2. My mother dozed in the chair and I watched her sleep. I consider the fresh stitches that close a large gash in her forehead and the injuries worthy of a prizefighter that cover her face. Like a sleeping child who is all stubbornness and strong will by day and an angel by sleep at night, this is how it is. Don't all mothers cover their children with prayers when they sleep at night?
3. I drove Chelsea back to the trail head. The back roads through Massachusetts were beautiful and I hated for the drive to end. We both feel drawn back home to New England and we voiced our wishful thoughts. Anything fits the realm of possibility. Unlikely perhaps, but always possible. One can always wish...


  1. An interesting trio of thoughts, Lee. Reading #2 made me wonder about injuries to your mom and hole she is OK. Understand what you mean in # 3' as we are hopeful to one day be there ourselves.

  2. There seemed to be a lot of pain in that post. hope you are okay.

  3. I meant to mention that I have been reading Chelsea's blog posts about her adventure and have just loved it. Thank you for linking to it.

    I understand the part about your mother. I ran across some legal pads with her extensive notes about medications this morning and noted how the handwriting became shaky. It's a poignant feeling watching your parents age.