Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pleasant Chore, All in One Day, Coming Home

The valley just before sunset

The vineyard

Greg mowed down the waves
1. This evening I had time for one of my favorite pastimes, mowing the lawn. While Greg went around and around on his tractor, cutting his hay field, I went around and around my yard on my mower : ). We waved to one another. The view from the back hill was so beautiful, I rode the mower down to the house to get the camera.
2. The girls all called me today. #1, "How do you defrost a freezer?", #2 "I'm ready to be done with Pennsylvania." #3, "We are thinking of coming to visit tonight."
2a. Poor #4  is home sick with a cold. She already had chicken soup for lunch, so it was a banana milkshake for dinner and the movie, "Frozen".
3. One last call before I headed off to bed. This one I made to Steve who was traveling home and not due in until 1:00AM. "I'll leave the light on for you."


  1. My sister likes to mow, too, so she can make patterns.

    And lovely messages all!

  2. Oh my gosh! Is that where you live? It is absolutely gorgeous.

    #2 and 3 really capture familial love, I think. It's amazing what you say in just a few lines.

  3. Mowed the pawn as well before this weekend. Pat rode the tractor in the back yard and I wqlked the front yard, but mynvies were of our little street and not as maganificent as your own.