Sunday, May 4, 2014

Planting, Fixing, Preventing

1. I often try to remember when my love for planting things began. It goes back as far as I can recall, to dandelions and wild violets. I discovered for myself that I could dig up a plant by its roots, bring it home and replant it. My poor mother was constantly challenged when I would ask where to put them in her garden.
1a. Thus my thoughts wandered while I planted the vegetable garden today, moving plants from their little containers into our soil.
2. Steve surrounded the raised beds with an electrified wire fence. Aesthetically, it's almost invisible and only needs to be in place for three months of the year. The deer may have the rest of the fields and forest but not our tiny little patch.
3. Steve was my hero this weekend. He ran to the rescue with mallet and stake when I cried, "The crab apple tree is blowing over!" He dug holes in clay where I directed for new shrubs. He balanced the lawnmower deck, after installing new blades and belts, then he mowed the neighbor's alley. Lastly, he declared war on the wood boring bees with a badminton racquet. He spoke remorse over having to do that (the Korean chick flicks he watches are overwhelming him with feelings), but they are destroying our horse shed, fence posts and pergola.

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