Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day, Shearing, Claire! Guess What?

1. Hearing the word, "April" brought a hopeful lift to our winter-weary spirits. Today we said, "May"! Can it already be? The sun shone and the word, "May" appears to hold many promises.
2. The grass and me; we both got a haircut.
3. I phoned Daughter #1. She's my go-to person who always appreciates hearing about a good sale. What good is a good sale if you can't share your conquest with someone? : )


  1. I'm thrilled the winter is over. It was a long one!

  2. That second one is awesome, very succinct yet somehow appreciative of the little things life offers us.

    Thank goodness for May (of course this desert will start turning on its furnace soon).

  3. I like #3. Sharing sales talk! Btw, what did you buy?

    1. Department store, Belk is having their "Charity Days" sale. 25% off sale prices, plus I had a 20% coupon. I got a $75 linen jacket for $24!! ...along with a few other items ; )