Saturday, May 10, 2014

I'm Calling Them "B.'s Bees", B is also for Baking and Bunting

1. This morning we made the first hive inspection of B.'s bees. How excited and anxious we were to see how her new colonies were faring. I joked that it took three of us (and a tiny bit of fumbling) to inspect a hive but, we are still new at this.
1a. The pine needles in the smoker smelled really good.
2. On and off light rain showers gave me a good excuse to play inside for the rest of the day. I made Dreamsicle Cake Cupcakes, but I layered them in canning jars as shown HERE. While I baked I kept thinking, "I'm having too much fun!" 
3. We spotted a male and female Indigo Bunting on the compost fence this morning. His feathers were a hypnotizing blue. It reminded me of the blue glazes on John's and B.s pottery. Even though the female was a light brown, she was still very pretty. Steve identified them right off.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, Lee. The cupcakes looked wonderful and most likely tasted even better.

  2. A cupcake in a jar. How fun!

  3. From bees to cupcakes! Fun post.