Thursday, May 8, 2014

Father-Daughter Time, It's the Little Things, Sidewalks, Bigger Family = Bigger House

1. Chelsea called and said, "I'm gonna see Dad tonight!" I knew he was away on business near D.C. but he never said a peep about meeting Chelsea off the trail. That rascal.
2. Steve left a note for me on my bathroom mirror. It stated that my sink was now unclogged. He knows my love language.
3. The days are longer, warmer, and sunnier, leading to beautiful evenings. Tess and I drove the country roads to Buchanan on such an evening to see a movie at the little antique theater.
4. Claire phoned while she and the kids were driving around, wasting time while someone looked at their house (for sale). Oh, I remember those days. An hour later she texted that they had an offer! I'm deeply thankful to be able to watch good things unfold for our children and to be part of it.

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  1. blessings to you and your family & happy mother's day~