Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Teacher of One Sort or Another, Must Be Bedtime

1. He looked a bit like Santa Claus with his white beard and belly. And just like Santa, he came bearing a gift. Only his gift was the gift of knowledge which will potentially save  Hive #2 from going down. I asked him how long he had been beekeeping and he said, "Since 1964." Trust is such a good feeling.
1a. He only wore a T-shirt while handling the bees. He paused for a moment to brush one from going up his sleeve.
2. The restaurant's patio was filled with elementary school teachers who were celebrating the end of the year. Just inside, at a table near the window, a little girl was having dinner with her family. She watched with an expression of amused awe as she began to recognize all the teachers from her very own school. 
3. The birds are quiet this evening. Or maybe I'm just tired and this is how they always sound, like a slow song lulling me to sleep.

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  1. I remember that feeling of teachers seeming like superheroes, when you saw them out at the grocery store, etc. Sounds as if the bee man is a superhero, too.