Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday Interests

1. We kept ducking into stores just so we could warm up. The Stonewall Kitchen store was my favorite. They had the most wonderful Lemon Sage bar soap.
1a. I've never heard of a store devoted entirely to Marshmallow Peeps, but there it was. The poor, unappreciated Peep in all its glory. They even had a car with a huge Peep on top. (I need to get photos off the camera.)
2. I was very proud of myself for venturing out on my own and arranging my own transportation. I texted Steve to tell him where I was attempting to go...just in case.
2a. The crazy thing was, my destination was under two miles away. I go that far when I walk the dog at home! Sadly, these were not walker-friendly highways.
3. The most perplexing thing I've ever observed: A beautifully set banquet was set up in the hotel atrium. Linen covered tables, gorgeous salads with heirloom tomatoes and cheese, two glasses per place setting filled with ice cubed drinks, and artistic-looking desserts were at each place. My friend and I sipped coffee nearby and wondered who was to dine at these beautiful tables. Then, four waiters began clearing it all away, dumping all the food! My friend and I looked at each other in shock. I asked a waiter what happened. In broken English, he told me it was set up in the wrong place. Then another waiter with limited English said no, they were shooting pictures, like a movie, and now they were all done. I'm not sure which version was true. Either way it was unbelievable.
3a. Tonight was our function's banquet. They served over a thousand of us, plate by plate, and beautifully done. I always marvel when chef's cook huge quantities of individual, artistically arranged dishes for four courses to perfection.