Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shade, A Silver (Stinky Brown) Lining, "Oh Look!"

1. Finding a bit of shade at the trunk of an old tree, I sat on the grass to rest. Its new leaves haven't fully unfolded, but the little shade it managed to provide was refreshing.
1a. I watched an ant, a hornet, and a wasp go about their business in the grass and leaves. I sat, observing each creature, and realized they have no thought for me at all.
2. Thank you horses, for the fertilizer.
3. By chance, we drive past the Civil War encampment along the James River. It's sunset and white canvas tents line a tidy row where soldiers sit at their campfires. Across the field, an array of cannons all point south. Some young ladies in wide hoop skirts invite us to their dance. We're tempted to stay but it's late and we have to move on.

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  1. there's a great Warren Buffet quote on Sabbath Keeping's blog this week.
    Loved this post...thoroughly enjoyable.