Sunday, April 27, 2014

Practically Perfect in Every Way, Saved, What Do You Think?

1. This day is so perfectly pretty, I don't know what to do with it! It's like a delicious and beautifully decorated truffle, about three bites big. Do you pop it all in your mouth at once in one big, ecstatic burst of wonderfullness or do you slowly nibble it away, sweet bite by bite, to make it last longer?
2. We visited Audrey's newest family member, Bella-the-Dog. She's a rescued dog whose owners abandoned her at the veterinarian after her second still-born litter- and she's only three. She's sweet and docile and Audrey and Jared are completely in love with her.
3. A conversation between three-year-old Mari and her dad:

When we were eating dinner, Daniel asked, "Mari, why do you think blowing on your food makes it cool down?"

 Mari, "I don't think."

Daniel, "Yes you do! Tell me what you think."

Mari tentatively asked, "Is it called electricity?"

I guess she remembered something about that conversation about static and lightening.

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