Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Night at the Museum- Looking Back

4,534 miles per hour!!

Imagine being in a museum after hours. It's dark outside and the place is strangely quiet of people noise. The audios on the displays still play throughout the museum, to no one in particular: rocket sounds, airplane engines, and hissing air. It's both thrilling and eery to walk among the exhibits alone, especially with these background noises coming from nowhere.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am left speechless by what man does with a tin can. I view the earlier examples of flight as nothing more than paper, spit and glue. The audacity and imagination of man to attempt such feats! Then he progresses to tin cans and explosives. The North American X-15 reached a speed of 4, 534 miles per hour. Can you imagine?! The controlled power is astounding.

Don't even get me started on these rocket boosters. They're my favorite display. Five massive rocket boosters propelled Saturn into space. Are we nuts or what?

I love contrasts. Just down the road from the space museum is the National Art Museum. The miracles there are worked in tiny brush strokes. Both museums leave me speechless. Man is using nothing, nothing but his imagination and whatever resources he can pick up around him to create masterpieces on canvas and in the air. I see the inspiration of God in all of it. And because I believe that, then I know this is a drop in the bucket compared to what God once created with His words and to what exists that we cannot see. The most astounding, amazing, wonderful creations of man are nothing more than a speck when compared to the mind of God. And there I am, speechless again : )

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