Thursday, April 24, 2014

Loving Means Letting Go and It Stinks, A Diversion, The Wolves and the Lamb

1. One last, heart wrenching goodbye this morning. I do believe this was the hardest of all. We walked together for a mile or so, then parted at the wood's edge. As she disappeared down the trail, we called, "Good bye!" and "Love you!" back and forth. Her final good bye echoed off the trees. After that, it seemed like the whole world went silent. I tried to appreciate the bird I heard singing in a tree, but it couldn't fill that danged, silent void. Thank goodness Tess was with me or I would have totally lost it.
2. I'm feeling drawn to the garden more and more this year. I have no big plans, just little tending things. I hope to keep even the littlest areas nicely tended.
2a. Tess chose a sweet little birdbath for Steve on his birthday. Every day when he comes home from work he asks if any birds have been in it.
3. Neighbor W. was out with his two shepherding dogs and Sadie-the-Lamb. All three animals play chase-the-ball and frisbee. It's funny to see the lamb romping with the dogs. I think of the movie, Babe, and how the sheep called the dogs "wolves".


  1. Letting go is so difficult - but what an adventure for her! I love the story of the birdbath - I hope he gets to see birds in it for himself, someday.

  2. ahhhh wistful. Letting go is never easy

  3. best loves are always difficult to let go of. soon you'll see each other again and thankfully she has her blog~