Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

Two week old Sadie-the-Lamb follows Jack.
1. The Redbud trees that grow on the perimeter of the woods are all in bloom. They're the pretty pinkish haze in the background.
2. All four girls are home this weekend; a rare treat indeed! This evening was perfect for a bonfire. We carried all our food across the field and dined fireside on veggie chili, corn muffins, fire roasted hot dogs, carrot cupcakes, and marshmallows, of course.
2a. One of Chelsea's friends from the trail stopped to spend the night with us. Tanacity is his trail name and he is co-founder of We all enjoyed getting to know each other, however brief it was. He was appreciative of the home atmosphere, food, bed, and shower and we were all appreciative of his company.
3. Our neighbor brought his little foster lamb to visit. She is the sweetest thing with her swishy tail and tiny, "baaa". Mari got to feed her a bottle.


  1. The sounds like a wonderful Easter! Enjoy having Chelsea home for a few days - I bet she's loving the food and a warm bed!

  2. What a wonderful celebration and to have everyone gathered together was the best part. The lamb and grandson Jack made a perfect pairing.