Sunday, April 13, 2014

Country Mouse to City Mouse

1. An evening cruise on the Potomac took us past the Washington Monument after dark. It was brightly lit and standing tall below a full moon. Our vantage point was peaceful compared to the  bustling city and airport across the water.
2. It certainly is a cultural shock to go from mountains to mega-resort overnight like this. I'll enjoy all this metropolis has to offer and take solace knowing that in a few hours I can be back home again.
3. Standing on deck, laughing with friends; Steve searched out the dessert buffet and brought us all a sampling.


  1. I've seen those cruising boats on the Potomac when I used to go to DC for the 4th of July. Sounds lovely!

  2. you know I used to have my career in a big city, in retirement in the midwest in a town of less than 5,000 counting the surrounding hillsides, I do not really enjoy the big cities any longer. Although that's necessary to journey to metropolisis' to see the sites...we avoid it a lot...Yes, enjoy yourself and know it will be back to your quietude and normal soon.

  3. We recently spent a weekend in DC visiting friends in DC and missed the cherry blossoms in bloom, but we did spend an enjoyable afternoon on the mall and visiting the National Gallery. I agree with your comment about the change going from small town life to megapolis living.