Friday, April 4, 2014

A Familiar Sound, Swiftly, Goodness

1. A gentle thunderstorm rolled over us right at bedtime last night. I enjoyed hearing this first storm of spring, especially a gentle one like this. 
2. The fog crept into the valleys this morning. Its movements were fluid, like a snake.
3. Daughter #2 has written about receiving heaps of goodness on her hike. I see all these generous people as angels watching out for my daughter. Every cookie, shelter, or ride into town is a blessing that does not go unnoticed.


  1. That storm was a bit unexpected.

  2. love the feeling that you've captured in this photo

  3. That photo is just breathtaking.

  4. The rain you received last week is here to start the week and will stick around for the next 2 days. No winds, but downpours that turn lawns into ponds and backyards into vast mud puddles. It's mud season on the Va eastern shore now.