Thursday, March 13, 2014

Warm, Apple Wood, Measles?, She's Warm Too

1. I'm enveloped in the warmth of my down coat and a scarf today. Wow! It got cold.
2. Sadly, the ancient apple trees that line one side of the property are slowly dying and blowing down. Another one came down in the dreadful wind today and landed on the horse fence. This evening, Steve took his chainsaw to it and I helped pile it. The apple wood smelled really good as it was sawed. We carried an armful of dead and dry logs inside for a fire. They smelled good all over again as they burned.
2a. I couldn't imagine why my face had red blotches all over it. I thought I had contracted some terrible disease. Then I remembered being out in the biting wind and I realized my skin was windburned. I was relieved : )
3. A quick text from Chelsea telling me she was at a shelter and they had a fire going, so she was warm enough. Now I can sleep.


  1. Is there a site where we can follow Chelsea's journey?

    1. Yes, Jennifer! Look over to the right on my sidebar- it's called, "Chelsea Walking".

  2. What an amazing adventure your daughter is on! I just read her blog and am in awe!