Thursday, March 27, 2014

Walking is the Destination, Sweet Marie, Planning
1. Countless times throughout my life I've gazed at a spot off in the distance and thought, "How nice it would be to walk there." Only a few times, and that was in childhood, have I done it. When I saw Chelsea's photo today, I realized she's actually doing it...picking a spot and walking to it. And suddenly I'm daydreaming and not getting ready for work.
2. It's a small gesture meant to console, someone gently rubbing your shoulder. It means a lot.
3. It the end of a weary day and I have one more meeting of business to attend. But, this one is with lady friends at church so it doesn't feel like work at all. With five women, ten hands, and generous spirits, we all toss in our creative contributions and the plans are a snap.


  1. I'm loving Chelsea's photos! As our daughters venture farther down the trail, I'm more and more amazed by what they're doing!

  2. That's so neat she is doing that - I admire that. Something she'll always look back on with pride, I imagine.