Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Until Next Year, Good to Go, Gone!

1. I say it out loud and let it roll off my tongue, "Today is the last day of winter."
2. I think I found the secret for getting out of the mechanic's quickly. When I called to make an appointment to have my car inspected, the guy hesitated to give me the 11:30 slot. He said it was cutting it close to lunch. I took it anyway. They had me in and out of there very quickly. I suppose they wanted to go to lunch.
3. Daughter #4 said she was having her lovely, very long tresses cut short. I was anxious about seeing her new "do" for the first time in case it was awful. (You know these ideas can turn disastrous.)
It turned out to be amazing! I feel compelled to keep looking at her because she looks like an entirely different person.


  1. It seems there will be much shouting today, except in areas forecast for more snow.

  2. Yay for spring! I'm thinking that lunch is very important to them.