Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In From the Cold, A Rough Week for Some, Feeding the Multitude, A Zero Day

1. I couldn't bear to leave these little dears to freeze at the front doorstep. The north wind is pounding at the windows and shaking the house.
2.Tess and I drove out to Vinton to pick up her car from Audrey's house. We knew no one would be home which made it more fun to leave a little surprise at their front door. Muffins! : )
3. Yeah. There's a huge thirteen pound hunka beef brisket in the refrigerator.
4. Chelsea phoned and we had a long chat! She ran into the daughter of a fellow blogger from Boston/Vermont on the trail. We marveled at what an amazing thing technology is, how it shrinks (or enlarges, depending on how you look at it) our world. We discussed the 'six degrees of separation" thing and now she just needs to meet Kevin Bacon on the trail. (We like actor Kevin Bacon!)

1 comment:

  1. The wind has been blowing fiercely here as well, and the daffodils have dared not bloom yet. So glad to know that yiur daughter and Karen's daughter met on the hike. It is indeed a smaller world. I just read an interview article about Kevin Bacon and like him as well ( the barn dance scene in Footloose remains a favorite).