Saturday, March 15, 2014

Heart Beds, Graffiti, Nice Day for a Walk...Except...

1. Steve designed and built these twin-sized beds in 1989 for our two oldest daughters. They were toddlers at the time and we wanted beds with sides. All four of our daughters have used them over the years. Today we set them up in our newest spare room (vacated by the marriage of Daughter #3) for the grandkids' visits.

 This is how it looks with a new mattress. Mattresses were thinner in the '80's and didn't come up so high.

2. Imagine our smiles when we found this graffiti on the underside of one of the beds. We immediately knew which daughter was the artist since it involved horses and the letter "A".
3. We took advantage of this beautiful day and walked with Henri on the three-mile loop. Aside from being attacked by a pack of three dogs, it was a pleasant walk.

*It was a viscous attack and Steve had to kick the dogs to get them off Henri and his own leg. I yelled and screamed at the top of my lungs before their owner opened her door and called them off. I was mad as heck because this is the same house whose dog bit our eldest daughter several years ago. We've called animal control before and nothing changes and these people still let their dogs run loose. What to do???


  1. Great beds! What lucky grandchildren!
    Sorry to hear that you've had trouble with dogs and control isn't helping. Perhaps it's time to go to the authority above them? Good luck!

  2. The beds look wonderful and how nice that they will be used by another generation. How awful to have a beautiful outing marred by an attack. I would contack animal control again and also consider filing a police report. It could mean the end of any relationship with the neighbor, but they seemingly have little regard for the safety of others.

  3. That's so fun about the drawing under the bed. She was hanging out there one day, I guess. :)