Saturday, March 8, 2014

First Labors of Spring, A Fondness for Manure, Sending Love

1. Steve and I (mostly Steve) tackled the heavy job of pulling out three monster Barberry shrubs. While he used his truck and did the man-sized work, I trimmed and raked and cleaned up. At one point, he quipped, "Isn't this nice?!" That's what I always say, so it was funny to hear Steve say it. I agreed and said, "Yes. This is what I enjoy the most, to work outside, especially side by side."
2. I walked across the horse field with my eyes down, maneuvering the manure. I stopped to admire the huge cedar posts of the lean-to where I like to sit and daydream when I have the chance. "This is my field and my manure.", I thought to myself. I smiled at that happy thought, deeply thankful that it is so. 
3. Chelsea has left an address for a mail-drop later next week. I think of what we can send. We're to write on the package, "Please hold for thru hiker Chelsea. ETA 3/14/14".


  1. I love the creativity and ingenuity that comes from making care packages.i'm making one for our son in china.

  2. I am also the one who says, "Isn't this nice?" Or "Isn't that pretty?" That's really nice that Steve said it.

    I also say things to myself like, "This is my field and my manure." We are lucky.

  3. I hope you blog about what you send. Maybe Girl Scout Cookies? I'm so covered up in those still - I think that is what I would send. :)