Friday, March 21, 2014

Night Light, Fruit Cravings, Everything Bagels

1. The moon is waning, but not so much that it doesn't light up the night. When I first wake each morning at five, I stand at the window and look up at the moon. There are always two prominent stars and sometimes scattered clouds. I start the day wondering...

Face of the Spring Moon
Kobayashi Issa

                                                           Face of the spring moon—
                                                           about twelve years old,
                                                           I'd say.

2. There are all kinds of berries on sale at the market...and grapes. I bought a pineapple and a watermelon, too.
3. Steve arrived home from his trip and brought us some exceptional bagels. I'll have to eat two breakfasts tomorrow.


  1. So exciting to hear about your daughter out on the AT! Good for her! I just watched the movie "The Way" and it got me motivated to do a long walking trip.... maybe one day! If she needs anything near the Lexington/Buena Vista area, please let me know.... we'd be glad to help.

    1. Thank you Grace! It's good to know she has "friends" along the way : ) You can follow her progress at Chelseawalking on my right sidebar.

  2. We do miss bagels which we could find in NJ when we lived there.Sadly, there are no bagel places where we live now...enjoy one for me!