Friday, February 28, 2014

Trying It Out, The Next Generation, The Boy, Dining Out

1. With just one more day to go, Chelsea wanted to sleep outside to check the temperature ratings on her gear. Each time I woke during the night, I saw the shadow of her tent reflected on my wall from a neighbor's backyard light. I will have that vision of her tent shadow in my mind for the next five months. (By the way, she said it was cold. That's with a bag rated for 9°F on a 25°F night. Apparently this damp, cold air of Raleigh feels different than the dry, cold air of Denver.)
2. We all went to the ice skating rink. Chelsea and Claire have fond memories of skating every Friday when they were kids in New York and Claire wants Mari to have that experience. Mari loved it! She  skated for an hour and a half and even attempted little turn-arounds and wiggles "like a ballerina".
3. I love the way Jack stares at me when I hold him. I can tell he's trying to figure something out when he looks deep into my eyes.
4. Claire, Chelsea and I enjoyed a dinner out. It's so rare for the three of us to be together like this, which made it especially memorable. (Thank you, Daniel for babysitting!)


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. It's exciting that your daughter will also be hiking the AT - quite an adventure! I am putting your blog in my feed and hope you will post updates. We have a place near the AT in Vermont. I'd be happy to host Chelsea as she passes through. We are on the section of trail near Manchester (Stratton - Bromley) . Best of luck to Chelsea - and you, too, Mom!

  2. Lee, glad to read that you connected with Karen at her blog. It's exciting that both your daughter will be walking the AT and may also connect via their moms.