Thursday, February 27, 2014

Springing South, Big City Shopping, Eating and Reading

1. The birds are singing in the morning, the grass is turning green and the magnolias have their first blossoms. I wasn't expecting spring time in NC. and it's a nice surprise.
2. Daughter #2 volunteered to be my fashion coach at the mall. Our goal was simple; find one pair of pants that fit right and we did. Our personalities are similar enough that we attack the task of shopping in the same manner so, it was fun. The malls are so nice in Raleigh.
3. Daughter #1 had dinner waiting for us. She served an abundant Chef's salad with warm garlic bread sticks and fresh apple pie for dessert.
4. Mari read to us this evening! She sounds the words out, puts them together, then smiles when she comprehends the sentence.

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