Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Smiling, Curiosity, A Lively Gathering

1. Ha! I love the "meatloaf" comments. You all make me smile : )
2.I learned tons of new things on our accounting software by simply poking around and exploring. Granted, it took me hours, but it was a great investment of time. I'm an explorer as in this opening passage from a White House pamphlet titled, Introduction to Outer Space published in 1958, "The first of these factors is the compelling urge of man to explore and to discover, the thrust of curiosity that leads men to try to go where no one has gone before."Maybe it's not exactly "where no man has gone before", but it is where I've ever gone before.
3. I dropped Tess off at Mill Mountain coffee shop this evening. The place was packed with at least a dozen people playing banjos and fiddles and who knows what else.When I returned two hours later, they were still playing away. There was an added bass being played right in the doorway, which I had to squeeze around. These people know how to have a good time on a cold and windy night.


  1. Now why am I thinking of Star Trek after reading this entry?

    1. Exactly Anita! Supposedly Star Trek and the gov't shared this phrase, although I think they inserted "boldly" in the Star Trek version.