Monday, February 10, 2014

Sending Love, The Crow Conspiracy, Finding Fun

1. I was at the post office to mail a pound cake to my mom. The clerk asked the, "Anything liquid, fragile, perishable..." question and that led to a discussion about the best way to eat pound cake.
1a. A friend came in to mail a Valentine to her far away son. She put a Starbucks card in his.
2. The parking lot was silent except for the chattering, clucking sound of some crows. I drove two miles away to another parking lot and more crows were there, making the same crow talk. I suppose two miles as the crow flies isn't all that far, but I thought it was coincidental that all the crows were making the same unusual chatter.
3. I found amusing things while wasting time: most-perfectly-timed-photos-ever One of them made me laugh out loud. Can you guess which one?


  1. I favorite is the lady about to fall backward into the pool while the hunky guy waits for his photograph to be taken. Hope she meant to do that!

  2. Thanks for a fun start to the day! My favorite is the prairie dog photo bomb!

  3. What a wonderful way to spoil your mom!

  4. Those were great photos. I laughed at several, so couldn't say which was your favorite.