Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Preparing, Preparing, Good News

1. Daughter #2 phoned last night just to say thank you for being supportive.
2. All the talk is of the snow storm forecast for tomorrow. I don't care whether it snows. Right now it's more fun to see the activity and excitement leading up to the storm. At this point, it will be a letdown if nothing happens.
3. I gave an elderly someone the good news that their bank account wasn't depleted, but in fact had plenty. I shared in their elation and relief.


  1. I kind of didn't believe our ice storm was coming, but it did. Sigh.

  2. All the media hype sort of makes me wish the worst would not happen, but unfortunately more often than not, they are correct. And that's a good thing so more people are prepared and stay home and off the roadways.