Friday, February 21, 2014

High End/Low End, Can I Wear this?, All of Us Going Home

1. We were too early for the airport so we ducked into Marshall's to spend some time. Marshall's is like a big yard sale to me. Expensive for a yard sale, but still cheaper than retail.
2. A black and yellow scarf stood out on the rack from all the rest. I touched it and fell in love with its silky drape. I look horrible in yellow but Tess' exclamation on how it made my skin look tan (ha,ha!) and that I should get it prompted me to look for a mirror. I love shopping with this girl!
3. We sat in the Sam's Club parking lot overlooking the airport. His plane was late, it was dark and we were getting tired. Finally, we saw the jet's lights swoop down from our left and land.Our spirits picked up, he buzzed my cell phone to say he landed, and we jumped into action.


  1. How nice - shopping with your girl and watching for the plane to land. Love the synchronicity there.

  2. And did you buy the scarf? (I'm a scarf addict)