Saturday, February 15, 2014

Away with You, Driving to Civilization: It's Nuts, We're Not Doing Anything

1. Brilliant sunshine marks the beginning of the great melt off. It runs off the roof in swift, trickling streams down the gutters.
2. By noon the snow was melted off our scraped road and we drove down with ease. I thought it was odd that stores were doing a hopping business but doctor's offices were closed. Even the urgent care was closed. Yet ladies were buying jewelry in droves at the boutique across the road and Walmart was a zoo. It's interesting to see how people's priorities are ordered.
2a. We bought gas for the generator because our power went out. By the time we returned home, it was back on. Yay!
3. These horses are like teenage boys. That's how much they eat and it's how they like to play- with gusto. They are fun and beautiful to watch, especially in the snow.

They run and chase each other.

They playfully bite and kick and buck.

They eat each others snowball tails.

Then they stop and innocently say, "What."
*Thanks to Tess for taking the photos : )


  1. The horses look like kids and they know how to have a good time in the snow.

  2. And they don't even look cold! :)

  3. Shopping is our nation's #1 priority, apparently. Lovely shots, your Tess is great with the camera.