Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Simple Vision, Simply Cleaning, Purest Excercise, Best Bakery

1. It's refreshing to hear a pastor say that he has not gathered everyone together to ask for more programs. (Amen!) Rather, his vision is to focus what is truly important, worship, intimacy and community. He used the term, "pare down". I am all about paring down.
2. I dust mopped the wood floors today and got lost in the motions of the task. I much prefer using an old-fashioned dust mop and a broom and dustpan over anything new-fangled. Simplicity. That seems to be the theme today.
3. Steve, Henri and I took advantage of the spring-like weather and walked. The snow that sits in the gullies is receding fast.
4. I baked some sweet Italian sausage with peppers and onions for dinner. At the last minute, I made Fettuccine Alfredo to round it out. It was a great meal. I know people, like my mom, who can no longer cook much due to physical limitations. I remind myself that I shouldn't take even the smallest things for granted, like cooking a meal.
4a. On a family note, I just found the program, "Cake Boss" on Netflix. Oh my goodness! If that's not my family and the way we talk- too funny! I loved it when Carlo called somebody a Chooch.  I am so homesick for my childhood today.


  1. Sunday was a good day to walk outdoors for us as well, Lee, and so we walked too,then treated ourselves to ice cream. Sausage, oeopers and onions were also on our menu recently.

  2. Sometimes repetitive simple tasks are so therapeutic. I need to go do some.

    I'm glad the snow is receding for you guys. I'm in the mood fro spring, and I'm sure you must be.

    And we love Cake Boss in this house!

  3. That dinner sounds so good. I love sweet Italian sausage. And I'll have to check out that program. I miss my childhood, too.